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6 Steps to Prevent Emergicies & Damage to your Property..
1. Locate and keep clean water meter control shut-off valve and test annually.
2. Know the location of your hotwater system and control valves and test annually.
3. Ensure the location of the electrical powerboard and isolation switches.
4. Inspect under sinks, basins and laundry tub for any signs of leaking pipes and/or rust marks. Early detection can avoid serious water damage in the event of a burst pipe.
5. If drains are slowing down plunge sinks, basin or laundry tubs. If this does not clear blockage please call for further assistance.
6. If you see signs of water damage on wall sheeting or cracked tiles, or mould appearing in carpet adjacent to wet areas please call for assistance. This maybe a simple as a broken seal on a tap and early detection can prevent further uneccessary repairs.

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If you are in any doubt in regards to the above steps or in the event of any emergency, please
call 0478 021 927.